DMV Post Indie Spotlight: Deserie Johnson interview

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Deserie Johnson aka Sanjo Jendayi / Photo Credit: April Sims

Today we shine a positive spotlight on DMV (DC/MD/VA) born and raised, independent artist Deserie Johnson, also known as Sanjo Jendayi.  She currently resides in Maryland.

April Sims: Deserie thank you for taking the time out to let our readers get know you. Could you please start by letting our readers know a little bit about you?

Deserie Johnson: Let’s see…I am an Author, SpokenWord Artist and Motivational Speaker but my most important titles are Mom and Grandmom.  I am also more than a conqueror! Survivor of Lung Cancer while continuing to battle Sarcoidosis and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I. Am. Blessed.

AS: How many books have you written?

DJ: I have penned 3 books; Black Butterfly…Soaring on the Wings of Poetry, Girl, Get Empty and my most recent release, NyAshia’s Freedom Ride.

AS: What have been your inspirations for your books and poetry?

DJ: God has placed a burden on my heart for women of all ages and He has used all that I have experienced in life to speak to women’s hearts. I have dedicated my life to inspiring women and young girls to rise above their circumstances take responsibility, turn mistakes into learning lessons and in the process, EMPTY all that God has in them onto the world. God has turned my mess into HIS message and I am passionate about tapping into the little girl within all women to reach that sheer, innocent place where they once believed anything was possible and resurrecting that belief!

Deserie Johnson performing with her daughter / Photo credit: April Sims

AS: Do you have any words of encouragement for upcoming artists?

DJ: Oh my God yes! Don’t be afraid to dream in color, High Definition with surround sound! Study and practice your craft because practice really does make great preparation look very attractive to opportunity and when those two meet…it’s always love at first sight and a marriage of the two will last a lifetime! If you should fall…GET BACK UP and keep it moving. Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING dim the light that God has placed inside you…there are no limits, no glass ceiling and no impossible thing that you can’t do as long as God is with you. Oh, and don’t be afraid to utilize your resources because no man is an island…God placed people in your path to assist you on this journey just as you are in the path of assisting someone else. You, April coined the phrase, “We are greater than I” and you blessed me with that because most of us try to go it alone not realizing that teams win games, armies win wars and together, WE can change the world!

AS: What’s next for you?

Well, I am planning my book release/signing for NyAshia’s Freedom Ride because when the book came out I had fallen ill and had to make my primary focus healing. NyAshia was placed in que and now that I am on my path to healing…I am getting back up for the next round. Stay tuned for that information very soon. I am currently working on my fourth book, 7 Keys  to Push Past Your Past & Re-Write YOUR Story, a memoir of my life to encourage women that they can move beyond their past. That each woman has what it takes within to change their circumstances and re-write their story. I am also preparing for Girl, Get Empty Seminars.

AS: You will continue to be in our blessings along your road to healing.  I know we will be chatting again soon. In the meantime how can our readers find out more about you?

DJ: You can check out my website: or my blog:

AS: Do you have any closing words for our readers?

DJ: I believe this quote sums up belief, faith and living your dreams: “The Red Sea didn’t part until they put their feet in it.” Believe in yourself, have faith that the same God that birthed your gifts in you will see them through and finally, just go for it…put your feet in and watch Him part the way for you in remarkable and jaw dropping ways! Allow God to WOW you and let’s change the world together! I want publicly thank you as well because you are a Phenomenal Woman that God is using to build teams and I am honored to be in your circle.

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